Our Products


    Gharo is an integrated online to offline (O2O) transactional real estate business model positioning as one stop shop for entire home services such as buy, build (construction assistance), Sell (resale), property management etc. which brings exhaustive supply, demand and distribution together to tap the highly fragmented property market. To further strengthen our offering with front-facing consumer Prop-Tech, Gharo has brought on board Buy, Build, Sell, a tech-based society management platform for developers and housing societies.


    An Insignia Perfecto, maggcom.com is an online fashion and lifestyle magazine which brings you the best in global and Indian Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty and Culture as well as interviews with trendsetters across the worlds of style, music, art, entertainment and key figures within the fashion industry. It brings you daily news update, blogs and stories that keep you ahead of the trends and also keeps its visitors updated with all that is new, important and worth.

  • B.R.A

    BasicRawAwkward (B.R.A.) is a new social networking application dedicated exclusively towards status sharing. The application “B.R.A” has all sorts of appropriate and inappropriate thoughts juxtaposed together to allow the user and his/her circle know each other up-close & personal, suggesting statuses on precisely everything from daily routine, out in prints, but in a really hilarious fashion. B.R.A. can prove to be a nice platform to calm ones nerves and kill time, even during the busiest days.


    Bollywoo is our most ambitious project. It is an initiative that would avail the movie enthusiasts and star struck fans a chance to experience Bollywood physically by being able to purchase and experience identical looks, styles and locations as seen in the films. The venture involves offering general public with various apparels based on Bollywood inspired clothing through different platforms such as an online store along with a mobile application and eventually physical stores. It is a perfect blend of Bollywood fashion and digitalization.

  • DontCriminate

    After a lot of people praying to god and hoping that the #ManCrimination campaign was a joke. Well your prayers might get answered!

    After all the criticism, attention, disgrace and humiliation – We’re sure they’ll come up with more illogical campaigns for us to have a laugh. We swear to not back off and give our best to screw their shitty campaigns with our witty brains!